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13 September 2021

UWC Dilijan 2020-2022

UWC is definitely one of the most unique and least fabricated environments you could wish for in a high-school. A group of motivated teens find themselves thriving in academics as well as learning about the world, its issues and the various perspectives which the cultural diversity offers while also learning to live together. UWC Dilijan has shown me how a relatively unknown country can contain so much diverse and distinctive culture, different to all other regions around the world. During winter break, I stayed in Yerevan (Armenia’s capital) for around 6 weeks with some friends. It was around -10Co, and once I decided to travel north to see one of my Armenian friends, I decided to order a Taxi getting ready for a 2 hour drive. Not only was I tired, once getting in the taxi, it was missing a window in -15Co conditions, definitely not something I could experience back home. Campus life is unique, and brings challenges every day, each as interesting and fascinating as the next. Though it is impossible to sum up what UWC has to offer in a paragraph, it has changed my life significantly and am thankful to be able to experience this.