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Oliver Rowe

13 September 2021

UWC Mostar 2020-2022

Having now attended UWC Mostar for a year, I know that by the time I leave, I will have learned countless lessons, experienced countless things, and become part of a wider community of those looking to learn and foster change. Ever since I arrived, I have been plunged into a diverse community rich in culture, all having distinct perspectives on global issues. Students such as myself are always encouraged to, and thus do, engage with such issues on a daily basis. This is where I have developed a lot, being able to stand my ground on a topic that I feel strongly about. Being a student here in Mostar, I have been one of the lucky few to be able to learn more about the past of such a historically complex region, with much of my learning on this topic being from the local students at the school. Being in Mostar, one also gets to interact with the local community, which brings for an entirely new layer to both the social and learning environment here. One cannot describe the blend of emotions towards starting the second year of this absurd journey.